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For Nearly 70 Years Bruno’s Schools of Hair Design has been an international leader in providing exceptional quality instruction and experiences to those looking for exciting careers in Cosmetology.  


Upwards of twenty-thousand graduates have graced the halls of Bruno’s Schools, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers as hair stylists, barbers, and salon owners, some even gaining international recognition. 


Originally founded by Mr. Bruno in London, Ontario in 1953, Brunos Schools of Hair Design quickly gained popularity as the Canadian workforce grew and more and more women were looking to enter the workforce.  


The popularity and quality of instruction that the school offered prompted Mr. Bruno to open locations in Toronto and Hamilton, which he eventually sold to John Morrison in 1969 while selling the original London location to Marvel Beauty Schools.  


Several of Bruno’s graduates started to see their stars rise in this ever-growing industry, and Mr. Morrison knew this was due to the quality of instruction. During the following 42 years, Mr. Morrison built on Mr. Bruno’s legacy by constantly improving their patented curriculum and turning out thousands of graduates. He went on to open two more locations in Mississauga and another in Scarborough in 1982.  


Mr. Morrison eventually sold off the Toronto-area locations and built a super-school located at 107 King St. E. in  Hamilton, Ontario that many stylists still speak fondly of today.  


Bruno’s Schools of Hair Design offers extensive courses in both women’s and men’s hairstyling. Their 1500-hour ‘hands-on’ training includes a diploma program in hairstyling as well as diploma/certificate courses in make-up application and waxing and manicuring, including basic manicuring and the application of gel nails. 

Our 1500-hour course prepares you to be a vibrant and productive participant in the beauty trade. The course covers all aspects of the trade in order to keep you abreast of the latest requirements for the modern hairstylist. Through the use of a wide variety of modern teaching aids such as videos and advanced teaching methods by our fully qualified instructors, you will cover every aspect necessary to become a well-trained and employable hairstylist.